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Interior Design in Singapore has been growing fantastically in demand as Singapore economic developed further in an exponential rate. Hence, there is an increasing need for both media and interior design consultancy firms or companies to provide up-to-date information about the following as stated below.

One recommended interior design consultancy and take it as example is Hbay. This interior design consultancy company offers complete range of advice to home owners in renovation, interior design, Singapore HDB , private housing, apartments, commercial, condominium and many other aspects of renovation and interior design professionally. All their recommended merchants under their lists are award winners of Best interior design and renovation by Singapore HDB, Hbay, Radac, Case Trust, BCA and others. Never ignore the fact that Singapore government is particular in certification, approval of housing work under Singapore HDB regulations. Therefore, do be reminded that renovation work companies need a HDB license to create your dream home. The HDB renovation license is to ensure that all interior design and renovation work taken and carry out is safe and proper.

Recommended Interior Decorations and Designers



i-bridge design

North West Interior Design

Furniture / Bath / Kitchen / Wallpaper /
Lighting / Flooring / Home Accessories

Kitchen Culture

Proof Living


Gill Associates

Evorich Flooring Group

Hbay merchants are carefully selected according to the interior design methodology of advice, accredit and audit. You will never be confused and busy searching for best interior design in Singapore or best renovation work in Singapore. Hbay will recommend you which interior design renovation work in Singapore are the recommended and the best or preferred.

How is the best interior design in Singapore criteria consist of?

Here are the lists you may consider or expect their advice. Here it goes. Interior design and renovation work in professional services, masonry works, plumbing works, glass works, carpentry works, demolish works and of course, advice on which best interior design companies you should consider to approach and work with. These best interior design merchants under Hbay will give you a peace of mind in renovation and interior design work with your money best invested.

In this Best Singapore Interior Design portal, you will be enjoying regular updates of freebies and vouchers, which are sponsored by Singapore best interior design companies, program awaits you to grab.